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. >> it's time for tonight's "closing argument." police shot and captured a men. they slaughtered a man believed to be a british soldier outside of his barracks in southeast london today. one of the attackers asked a bistander on the streets to record a message of aty british rantings. in the tape, the suspect claimed the killings was fuelled by revenge because, quote, muslims are dying by british soldiers every day. so what do you think? terrorist attacks like 9/11 and the boston bombings targeted
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large groups of anonymous people. is this hyper focus seemingly spontaneous attack on an individual an aberration or a sign of terrorism's next frontier? you can weigh in on the "nightline" facebook page or tweet us. thanks for watching abc news. tune in for good morning america tomorrow for controversy surrounding tiger woods and fellow golf pro sergio garcia. good night and we'll see you right back here tomorrow evening.
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it is happening in south san jose where firecrews made quick work of a fuel with dry grass and strong winds. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. the fire that broke out is on coyote road and continental drive. this morning there was another grass fire not far away on singleton road. ama is live on the scene of tonight's fire. ama? >> dan, tonight's fire is contained. it was really hard to spot, but as you can take a look from the video that we have shot, there was lots of fire engines on scene. it was a two-alarm fire. like i said, it was contained, but it was in heavy brush and hard to see. it was hard for the firefighters to get to. they say they will be on scene for several more hours cutting through the brush to make sure that the fire does not start back up. cal fire is out here helping them as well. no structures were threatened and no one was injured. the fire earlier spread quickly because of the winds today. it started in a filed at singleton road and locke drive
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just before noon. it shows winds driving the smoke into an adjacent neighborhood. the fire spread to seven acres before firefighters were able to contain it. the public education officer i spoke to on this scene says with the winds we have been having it is easy for sparks to get picked up and put into dry brush and that's how the fire starts. it is up to everybody to be careful about what you are doing. live in san jose, abc7 news. >> thank you. firefighters have their hands full in martinez as this brushfire spread. this is new video of the fire. it started after 5:30 this evening in a dry, grassy area. the flames threatened part of an apartment complex, but they got in -- got it under control before it charred any buildings. developing news in san francisco. police on the lookout for a driver who did this, crashed into a home and took off. it left a hole in a house on florn teen street. the truck was found abandoned
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in daly city. the in america's cup is sitting limits on the biggest sailing race in the world. it comes in the wake of an accident that claimed the life of olympic medal list an bart simpson. heather joins us from along the embarcadero. heather? >> carolyn, the limits are speed limits, wind speed limits on the water, a reduction of 10 miles per hour. the unprecedented list of safety safety recommendations addresses the unprecedented per li super light, super fast ac-72. one of the most important changes, the highest wind speeds at which the boats will be allowed to race. >> the reduction in the wind from call it 35inals in miles an hour and down to 25 miles an hour. so if it breezes up beyond that they won't run the races. >> investigators are trying to k killingt what caused them to andrew bart simpson, an
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brished -- an accomplished olympic medal list. they said we will only race if we believe our team is safe racing ac-72's. the long list includes structural review of ac-72's and hands free breathing devices for the crew. >> the tragic loss of bart simpson has weighed on all of us which you learn. you go forward and you try to improve the safety conditions for everybody. >> no one was injured when team oracle's craft was wrecked, but it was more evidence of how wrong things can go with these boats. it is now up to the coast guard to look at the recommendations and turn them into rules. >> although some of the recommendations may be specifically for the participants, they also have some implications for other people on the bay and for spectators as well. >> heather ishimaru, abc news. a concord neighborhood is on edge after a bomb scare. sky 7hd was on the scene as several homes were evacuated on johnson drive after 3:00 this aft
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we are told the fbi and the atf and police are investigating possible explosive devices. one person was taken into custody and several boxes of evidence were removed from this home in concord. the all clear was given about two hours later, but of course everyone living nearby is wondering what is going on. new details about the massive tornado in oklahoma. the white house announced president obama will go there on sunday that will visit survivors and see the damage. the number of dead now stands at 24. all of the victims have been identified and even is now accounted for. and everyone is now accounted for. there were two children, babies, and several died at one elementary school. we have video from inside another elementary school as a tornado tore through. teachers and students were terrified by the damage. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> now, along with these schools, 13,000 homes were destroyed or damaged. more than 30,000 people
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impacted. the stories of survival are remarkable. we showed you this image last night and today the little boy found by his neighbor spoke to abc news. >> i was so happy that i saw him . i didn't know he was coming. >> when we came on the scene and to see the devastation and to -- i think i needed that hug as mop as he did. >> unfortunately we are hearing stories of bad behavior from looting to some businesses taking advantage of vic testimonies. one grocery story is accused of charging $40 for a case of water. investigators are cracking down. >> most people are trying to help as best as they can. unbelievable pictures there. let's talk about the weather here. this is the time of year where we are expecting it to be steamy. it is really cooling down. sand yaw patel is here -- sandhya patel is here with live doppler 7hd. >> it is cool in some wants.
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you will want to dress warmly. check out live doppler 7hd. some patchy low clouds have formed along the san mateo coast and santa cruz. the winds are breezy along the coast and close to 30 miles an hour. the winds have really dialed back across our inland communities. that's allowing the temperatures to fall from our sutro camera. mostly clear over san francisco. 54 santa rosa and 50 degrees in livermore and los gatos. i'll show you how much cooler it is going to get and drastic changes coming for your holiday weekend. back with those details. carolyn? >> see you then. thanks. we are learning more about the driver impaled in his seat by a flying piece of metal near tracy. 33-year-old michael cox was from rock land. according to his family cox was in the medical supply business and was heading to the bay area for a weekly meeting. he leaves behind a wife and three children. cox was driving west on interstate 580 near grant line of met taytay pipe pierced the -- metal pipe
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pierced the windshield and impaled him. sky 7hd was over the scene and they say the metal rod was about two feet long and about two inches in diameter. it is not yet clear where it came from. a stanford professor is accused of uh ducting -- abducting her three children. the family attorney said there are two fathers involved and she took the children to hawaii because she was under a lot of stress for a brief vacation. baron and her nanny were arrested and extradited to california. neither is in custody. baron is due back in court on may 30th and monitored by an ankle gps. a woman facing deportation has been allowed to stay in the u.s. to take care of her nine-month-old baby. customs enforcement released silva today after two weeks in custody. the mother and child were reunited at a rally outside headquarters -- ice headquarters. ice was not aware she was
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nursing a baby. they have given her one year to return to her native brazil. her attorney said this has become a common problem in the u.s. >> it should not have happened. it is happening every day. this is a clear example of why we need comprehensive immigratio immigration reform. we need something more permanent. >> he has been in the u.s. for eight years. she is studying to be a pastor. new at 11:00, a heartwarming story. a kinder gardener in arizona received a special award days after losing her father. hundreds of officers showed up for her kindergarten graduation. they lined up to greet her and packed the auditorium so full they couldn't fit. her father was one of two officers killed during a drunk driving investigation this weekend. visually jarring photos surfaced and challenging abercrombie and fitch's refusal for clothes for larger women. they feature fit, trim models, but a blogger is fighting back
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calling it attractive and fat. the photos are taking it by storm. leslie brinkley has the story. >> jess baker posted these provocative photos of herself paired with a guy that looked like a real abercrombie and fitch model. she targeted the brand and said the company caters to the thin and beautiful. the photos were taken last saturday when up on her blog -- went up on her blog and then was a social media sensation for what she called a and f, attractive and fat. i caught up with jess in this skype interview. >> if you look you will see more fat men with not fat women, for examplemaybe sitcoms maybe "family guy" you would see that more often a fat woman with a conventionally attractive man. i wanted to show that and see what happened, and it certainly sparked some conversation. >> she is now getting 120,000
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hits a day on her blog. if you google abercrombie and fitch advertising her images pop up among the usual suspects. baker says she hasn't heard directly from abercrombie and fithe company has not responded to our request for an interview. but shoppers in san francisco were well aware of the photo. >> you would like to see these features as ads? >> not all are thin. >> a and f, attractive and fat, absolutely. >> what a great world to be in. >> in san francisco, leslie brinkley, abc7 news. up next, new secret to smoother skin. how a happened held want can tighten everything from crows feet to neck lines. >> and wedding gowns on the cheap. the retailer that is making your wedding day a little easier on t
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when it comes to battling wrinkles, options uh bound from botox to cos met sick surgery. -- cosmetic surgery. now there is a system that is
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for treating loose skin. >> at age 65 veronica wants to tighten up the sagging she has noticed on her face. >> there is sagging here. std of cosmeticder my chin. surgery, veronica has opted for an exter national treatment that uses heat to stimulate collagen growth. >> let me program myself. >> at the laser light center nurse arlene padilla uses the wand device to deliver verying intensities of heat to reach the layers of collagen without damaging the surface or producing pain. >> how is that doing? >> that heat is produced by radio preace see. the operator chooses between four coin tips to control the weights dispersed depending on the thickness of the skin and the area being treated. a smaller tip used around sens sensitive areas.
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it stops the flow of energy if the device loses contact with the skin. >> we wanted to generate a certain amount of heat and the right amount of heat. >> dr. joel erickson has newer, more verse till april plaw caters -- april plaw caters to tighten the skin around the jaw and neck line. seen in this photos on the manufacturer's website. he does not think it is an effective treatment for other parts of the body. >> best is around the face including around the eyes. >> pamela diaz had two treatments beginning last month for crow's feet around her eyes. she said the tightening was visible after a few days. >> around here is where i noticed a difference. and also down here i had fairly deep creasing that i couldn't see anymore. >> the procedure usually takes less than an hour. the base price is typically around $900 and multiple treatments are often required. for that price, veronica is hoping for similar results as tinues collagen continues to regenerate. >> i would like to look as good as i can for as long as i
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can. >> we'll have you wash your face and you can put some make up on and sunscreen and you are good to go. >> the main side affect is temporary redness while the skin is recovering, but in most cases patients are able to return to work the same day. >> impressive. target has jumped on the wedding dress ban wagon. it unveiled four new designs. the prizes range from $99.99 to $129. you can also dress up the entire wedding party for as low as $70 each. that is a deal. >> that is a good deal. let's get a check on the forecast now. >> awfully cool for this time of year. >> dan and carolyn, the temperatures have been running cooler than average. today's highs fell a few more degrees and the wind has been going. i just checked out the latest yu computer models and you are not going to believe what they are showing. a chance of showers on memorial day and i want to see a couple more model runs before we definitively say
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plans may need to be changed. live doppler 7hd is showing you some patchy clouds around the san mateo and the santa cruz county coastline. it is clear up to the north. ukiah under a freeze warning. thursday 3:00 om to 2:00 a.m. a frost advisory to the coastline. the same time period. they are expecting frosty cold conditions first thing in the morning. here is a look at coit tower. the skies are clear and 51 degrees. it is 54 in oakland and low 50s for pretty much everyone in san jose and half moon bay. the emeryville camera, you can see pretty good visibility and fog is not a problem tonight. the temperatures will continue to fall. we will call it chilly and breezy by morning. you will want to bundle up. sunny afternoon with below normal highs and a shower chance showing up for memorial day. a slight chance the day after memorial day. this area of low pressure in
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the pacific northwest has been keeping us in this cooler than normal mode. persistent cold low will kick out of here on friday. that's when the temperatures will come up a few degrees. we are not expecting a major warm up soon. the winds will continue to be on the breezy side. we will go with a wind gust of 25 to 35 miles an hour. that wind will make it feel cooler out there. that's why you want to bundle up. the winds let up a bit in the late morning and early afternoon hours and only to pick back up at 5:00 p.m. and coming back up into the almost 30 to 36 mile an hour range along the coast. not so windy in our inland communities. that's a look at the wind forecast. tomorrow morning most in the 40s could see an upper 30 or two. we will call it chilly, breezy and you will need a jacket when you leave home. make sure the kids are bun deem -- bundled up. 70 degrees in the south bay in morgan hill and upper 60s
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santa clara and san jose. it will be a sunny afternoon, breezy. temperatures close to today on the peninsulament 63 in san mateo and 66 redwood city. loss altos 70 degrees. coastal areas are still going to be raw and cool. 56 in pacifica and breezy. downtown san francisco 61 and daly city 57 and in the north bay low 70s around santa rosa and calistoga and sonoma. headed out toward the east bay the breezy blue and 66 in castro valley. inland is running below normal. 71 in concord and 61 in livermore. accu-weather seven-day forecast, temperatures inching up for your friday, the start of the holiday weekend. numbers come up, mid70s inland, but look at the shower chance on memorial day. a slight chance on tuesday. as we mentioned, carolyn and dan, i wouldn't can sell your long holiday weekend plans just yet. want to see a couple more model runs and then we'll tell you for sure. >> we aren't can selling anything. >> sweaters and umbrellas.
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let's get a check on sports. >> larry beil is here and lots to tab about including tough news for the 49er. >> his nickname is king crab. what will the 9er does without the king? michael crabtree with a crippling
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good evening. how dowry place your leading receiver? 85 catches, 9 touchdowns and your quarterback's favorite target? that's the challenge with michael cab tree tearing -- michael crabtree tearing his achilles tendon. surgery was done this morning. 2012 was his break out year. he finally developed into the receiver the niners hoped for when they drafted him in 2009. it is possible he might be back on the field in december, but he could just miss the whole season. six-month recovery time. that's as small a window as possible. shear how crabtree got hurt. >> he is coming in motion and it was planted and started and it felt like somebody kicked him in the achilles.
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michael is young and strong and everything will be positive approach to healing. we'll anticipate great things. >> the niners need somebody else to step up at wide supplynse in short supply as te giants and nationals went to extra innings for the second game in a row. good to see vogelsong back after the happened surgery. bumgarner made one mistake and this was it. bryce harper opposite field homerun in the 6th. the giants tie it in the eighth after geo gonzalez in left. h desmonded at one. base hit and pence trying to gun down harper. 2-1nats. last chance for the giants and scooter row trying to keep hishi hitting streak alive and tie the game. it is over and it is over. the giants fall 2-1 as the
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nats avoid being swept. a's and rangers. if she prefers you wear the mask when she is with you, that's not a good thing. that's tonight's dating tip. david murphy two-run homer and then adrian bell tray has clout. 3-0 texas. parker settled down. as' 0 for 10 with men in scoring position. he strikes him out with two men on. the rangers snap the a's 3-1. nba playoffs and great game. heat and pacers and game one of the eastern conference finals. paul george and the prayer from fresno with love. tied at 92 to overtime. the heat down one and 2.2 seconds left. right to the hoop. ballgame. james with a triple double. 30 points and 10 rebounds and 10 assists.
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the mistake by frank vogel. 103-102 and miami takes a 1-0 series lead. >> crabtree coming back in six months seems like a long shot. >> i had the same reaction you both had. why would you risk it at that point? medical science is amazing. adrian peterson blew out his acl and he was back in less than a year. it is possible he could come back, but might be scary. >> that used to be a year. thanks. coming up, a white house salute to a mu
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>> bundle up in the morning when you leave home. here is a look at your wake up
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weather. we are looking at patchy low clouds. it will be chilly and breezy in the morning. low 40s to low 50s at 5:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. mid40s to mid50s. president obama and first lady michelle hosted a salute to carole king tonight at the white house. >> ♪ >> how good is that? the president presented the 71-year-old singer-song writer with the prize for popular song. king is the first woman to receive the award given by the library of congress. the president is digging it too. >> absolutely. jimmy kimmle live is next chech
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ties to boston bomber tamerlan tsarnaev was killed in a confrontation with police. ibrahim todashev was about to sign a document of guilty b you he lunged at them with a knife. friends believe his relationship and friendship with tsarnaev is truly what killed him. >> fbi started following him, asking him the questions, what kind of connection do you have with them? >> the older tsarnaev brother and todashev were involved in
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martial arts together. both have emerged as suspects in the murders of three massachusetts men in 2011. a man is being held in washington state in connection with a number of letters believed to contain ricin. they were at his apartment in spokane searching for evidence. the letters were intercepted last week said to contain a crude form of ricin. one was sent to the judge, the other at the post office. he is being held without bond. another alleged incident of sexual misconduct in the military. this time it involves a sergeant charged with violating the privacy of female cadets at west point. michael mcclendon charged with secretly videotaping and photographing at least a dozen women. he was relieved of his duties a year ago. complexities delay the formal charges. an area woman had a few sleepless nights after parts of a cargo plane fell onto her house.
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homeowner pamela ware says two pieces of the aircraft tore up her roof sunday before bouncing into the yard. another piece of the jet's wing fell into the parking lot of a walmart. the parts came from a china air flight as it approached the atlanta airport. and something of a medical miracle to show you here from peru. say hello to 2 month old girls shadiya and chanel vargas. they were born in february attached at the liver and sharing an abdomen. they were separated after a surgery that lasted more than 11 hours. doctors say they are going home in just a few days. >> that is awesome. how cute are they? >> they're beautiful. president obama called singer/songwriter carol king last night at the white house, and then she took over. ♪ the jazz man testifying ♪ >> the concert honoring her as the first recipient of the nation's highest prize for popular music with the turn at the


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